See what I bought? And other news.

Look on the sidebar on the right. See what I bought? A shed! I know I am grownup when I get giddy about a new shed. You see I needed to make space to park another car in my garage. Another car, you ask? Why yes, another car. She's a beautiful 1979 Camaro Rally Sport and I promise to tell you all about her soon. Just know that I feel like the coolest girl in the world when I drive it and all the boys drool.

In other car news, my mom get a new car this Saturday. She's been so sweet to let everyone drive it around. If I was a single gal or didn't need more then 2 seats I'd run out and order one to be shipped all the way from Germany.

That's right! She got a Smart car! This isn't her actual car, nor is it her actual horse. Not that she as a horse. But this is exactly what her car looks like. Isn't it, um, cute? Like a roller skate on steroids. It looks super small, but it's actually quite roomy on the inside. When I get out from driving I'm amazed at how small it is when I have so much space inside. It's so much fun to see people stare and point and laugh. Have you see these in your neighborhood? Have you driven one? Ever even heard of one?

Tomorrow, Labor Day, I plan to help my dad put the rest of my shed together, finish cleaning out the garage and count down 48 more hours till I'm the ripe 'ol age of 31.

Happy Labor day!


Elena said...

Oooooh! All you need is a mullet, and you'll be totally ready to rock, darling! I spent plenty of time tooling around in one of those puppies when I was an ittle bitty, as my aunt had one. I loved that car as much as I loved my Barbies. Can't wait to see pictures.

Oh, and speaking of Smart Cars...Milwaukee used to be home to the largest Hummer dealer in the country. We had to drive by it on Thursday on our way to a funeral, and it has closed. Next door is a new Smart Car dealership. I totally chortled over that one.

Hope your Labor Day is wonderful! I'm going to be engaging in some all-american fun: going to a baseball game with some of my family and tailgating before and after for as long as we can bear it.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness "a roller skate on steroids" so perfect! haha!

Missah said...

OMG the Camero!!! I can't believe it's coming to your house (only what...8 years after you were promised it!! How exciting!

And I want to see pictures of your mom driving the smart car. Totally can't picture it in my head!

Ms. R said...

I kinda want one of those! Perfect for NYC. How expensive are they?

Juanita said...

You know your getting old when a shed gets you excited!!(ha Ha) How many miles to the gallon does that car go? I wish they made an eight passanger one. I so need to stop having kids!! I'm one kid away from owning a bus.

Kristabella said...

Didn't you feel like you were going to get run over in that Smart Car? That would be my biggest fear. Well, that and the pointing and the laughing! And yay for a fellow Virgo! I'll be 31 on Sept 14.