Please disregard this post

Hi, Internet! Guess what? I have nothing of substance to say. Seriously. You probably don't care to hear about how my youngest son threw the biggest hissy fit OF HIS LIFE today. TWICE. He's an early achiever, this one. Reaching for the terrible two stage a tad early. Suck.

You probably don't care that I spent a small chunk of change on school clothes for the oldest son today. I blindly bought him stuff that I liked and I hope he likes the stuff I bought. I almost wish his feet would shrink because men's shoes are so expensive considering how hard he is on them.
Chances are you could care less that I've been cooking and baking like a fool lately. I made a version of vegan goldfish crackers that Jackson inhales. I also tried my hand at broiling Tempeh with homemade BBQ sauce yesterday. I've been cooking so much lately that I acquired a NEW! FANCY! knife. It's so sharp and my knife skills are so bad that I routinely cut myself.
Do you care that I'm taking another vegan cooking class tomorrow? Breakfast foods! Also, I may sign up for the next one, too. It's all about dessert. We all know that dessert is the most important meal of the day, so you see, I cannot miss this class.
Um, do you want to hear how much I just love my new niece? She's cute and pink and even her farts are cute.
As if you want to know, but Derick comes home from his dad's Wednesday!!!!! I haven't seen my oldest son since school let out for the summer. I miss this kid. So so so much.
Not that it matters, but I got a Wii Fit a few days ago. Technically it's for me, but because I'm being a genius mom, I'm wrapping it up and giving it to Derick for his birthday celebration dinner we are having when he comes home.
Also, I know it makes no difference, but did you know that an Olympic sport is jumping on a trampoline and doing flips? I had no idea. I'm sure there's a level of skill there, but jumping on a trampoline and doing flips? Really?
Lastly, have you seen this website? You insert your picture into old yearbook photos. This shit cracks me up:


Sarah said...

Those pics are too funny! Please share the goldfish recipe!

Elena said...

I'm always interested in whatever is happening in your life, honey! *mwah*

Raven said...

Shopping sans kid is much easier than shopping WITH kid! I made the sprog go through all the clothes in his closet on Friday and try them all on, he has a lot more stuff that still fits him than I realized.

Crystal said...

Hey girly, I'm interested in hearing whats up in your world :) And I'd love to hear your yummy vegan recipes too! I'm so exited for you that your oldest will be home soon! Yippee!

La Petite Chic said...

Oh my god, those pictures made me laugh so damn hard! HA!! I can't decide which is better, the first on the third!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those pictures crack my ass up!!!
Booooo to the terrible twos!
Yipeeee to oldest son coming home!

Jason said...

I must go try this yearbook thing out!

alntv said...

Uh yeah...I don't need a computer program to do that because MY high school pictures look like that already! (except for I'm a guy...of course)