In which I title this with 'In which' because it seems everyone else is doing it, too.

I want some dresses. Cute dresses that I can throw on during the weekend and be comfortable but snazzy looking. Work appropriate dresses that I can dress up or down. A date dress for all the dates I go on. (Can you see my eyes rolling?)

Here's my criteria:

  • Can be sleeved or with straps, but MUST have wide enough straps to conceal bra straps. My girls need support and not everyone needs to see that support. Spaghetti straps don't cut it for me. Strapless bras are a total joke.
  • No shorter than just above the knee. I'm 30, it's innapropriate. That and I've inherited the spider vein gene.
  • No longer than just below the knee. Longer than that and I look short and squat. And on my 5"4' frame I certaintely don't need to look shorter.
  • Must not cost an arm and a leg. I don't mind spending a good chunk if I love the dress, I just want to be able to make my mortgage payment. My mortgage company wants the same.

With that, any have suggestions or links?

My closet thanks you.


Melissa said...

So no skirts just dresses? I have one word of advice (okay more than a word really)

Get out your sewing machine. Dresses are super easy to make I have a closet full of 50's inspired dresses and a few peticoats to make them even more fun Granted I've yet to wear a peticoat but they are fun to look at IF I was going to. and eventually my waist will be smaller than my ass (someone tell me when!)

I have a darling circle skirt I made and somehow made a size 8ish which doesn't fit. I'll email you pictures!

Kristabella said...

You know what, I find the CUTEST dresses at JC Penney. I know it is an old lady store, but check out their dresses online. They have some cute wrap dresses. I own 2!

Diane said...

Yep, I'm with Melissa....and Butterick has some inexpensive patterns and there's an ENDLESS supply of fabrics on the web....heehee.