Dress for success

I got dresses! And I have entire outfits planned for my out of town trip this week. Here's the first dress, above, from Ann Taylor Loft. My only criticism? I paid full price and the website says the dress is on sale. Must remedy this soon. This dress is a dark navy and I just love the fabric. It's a cool cotton material and has little all over slightly raised dots, if that makes sense. . I'll be pairing it with a pair of Carlos Santana bronze wedge heels that I've owned for several years but rarely wear for some unknown reason. (Photo found on Ebay).

Jewelry will consist of a necklace from Forever 21 that I can't seem to find. It's got a gold chain with a large square piece of 'amber'. To add more pizazz on top I'll be layering that necklace with another gold tone necklace that I got at Kohl's a few months ago.
To tie in the wood look of the back of the shoes I'm adding a wooden bangle that has small bronze/gold colored discs around the bracelet. My ring I'm going to wear is a vintage gold tone ring with amber colored stones.

The second dress I can't seem to find on Banana Republic's website. Boo. It's a simple black cotton dress with a v neck and short sleeves. It should be super comfy and easy to move around in (read: chase a toddler in).
The last dress is by New York & Company which I can rely on for some cute duds now and again. This is a simple empire waist dress that's also comfy and easy to move in.

I'm paring this dress with a turquoise belt that will fit nicely where the seam is on under the bust. I think the belt will add a jolt of color that the dress needs.
I'm skipping a necklace on this outfit but adding a matching turquoise bangle bracelet from Forever 21.
I can't find a picture, but the earrings are turquoise hoops with silver disk in the middle that I got from New York & Co. I'm going to wear simple black flip flops with this one and a black cami under the dress.

I think I did well for the very short amount of time I had today.

I'll be out of town starting tomorrow until next week. Since Blogger finally lets you schedule blogs to post at a later date I've set up a few. I'll be back next week and am already dreading the 9,534,882 blogs that I'll have in my Google Reader. Ha!

Be safe and have fun. See you guys soon.


Raven said...

Wow! I think you did great!

Jess said...

Great finds! You'll look fabulous.

Also, chain stores often have a policy where if an item you bought goes on sale within x amount of time after you bought it, usually a week or two, they'll refund you the difference. I know Gap does that. It's worth checking to see if ATL does it too.

kristabella said...

Have fun! Cute stuff!

And also, you are now in charge of accessorizing me at BlogHer!

Anonymous said...

Can you come over and plan my outfits please?
See you when you get back!