My newest celebrity crush

I watch A LOT of Food Network. It's almost shameful how much I watch. I religiously record several cooking shows and sometimes even make a dish or two. One such show I've been watching lately, that I just recently discovered, is Iron Chef. I always giggle when the 'chairman' starts the battle and does a karate chop while saying "Ala Cuisine"*.

I get especially excited when Bobby Flay is the Iron Chef that's being challenged. He's a red headed Irish guy and if you know me at all, I have a thing for the red heads. Always have. But what really got me was his show Throwdown with Bobby Flay. I can't seem to find a picture to show as an example, but in the beginning of each show and after each commercial he's pictured, in silhouette only, with his head tilted up slightly standing is such a way that says "I know I'm the shit" and lordy all mighty I get all giddy like a teenager. He's totally the shit and I have a full on crush.

Besides the reddish colored hair I think I might have my crush because he cooks. And THAT is worth more than money can buy.

I seriously need a red headed cook to come into my house and make me a killer meal. That would be the life.


*I have no earthly idea if the chairman on Iron Chef actually says 'Ala Cuisine', I attempted to look it up with no such luck. But it doesn't matter because he does a karate chop and all things are funny in conjunction with a karate chop.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I would LOVE to have a chef in my house! I don't care what color his hair is! :)

She Likes Purple said...

Mike could come cook but it would be chili or sandwiches. Ha!

Prairie said...

Because I'm a nerd... he's saying "Allez cuisine"-- French for "go to the food!"


Anonymous said...

3 words. Take. Home. Chef. Not only the hotness that is him but the yummy British accent to go with it.

Rebecca said...

I like me the ginger tops too. Hotness.

Raven said...


I totally LOATHE Bobby Flay.

SLynnRo said...

Oh dude, I so hate Bobby Flay SO SO SO SO MUCH. Have you ever seen the non-American Iron Chef where he battles Morimoto and like raises the roof on the cutting board at the end? OH GOD SO MUCH HATE. I'm sorry. My Iron Chef crush? Iron Chef French, Hiroyuki Sakai. OH, he's just so cute in his little glasses.

Jess said...

I have just never understood cooking shows. I'm missing the gene, or something.