A moment to remember.

This afternoon I took my sick-as-a-friggin-dog self to the doctor. Turns out I have a massive sinus infection that required a shot of antibiotics, a steroid shot and a prescription for more antibiotics. Also, I may have a staph infection from my surgery. I'll get the results on that in 2 days. BUT! This is not what my I came here to write about.

I was sitting in the communal waiting room, waiting ever so patiently to be called and I witnessed the sweetest moment between a mother and son. Maybe it wasn't your average, typical, collective sigh moment, but it was a moment.

The mother and approximately 12-year-old son came in the waiting room and sat down across from me. The mother opened a large fabric bag that had a knitting project she had obviously been working on for a while. As she prepared to knit, her son looked at her and she stopped what she was doing for just a moment and looked at him. He gently reached over and placed his finger under eye and wiped something away for her. She sat perfectly still, trusting that her young son would be careful to protect one of her most vulnerable body parts. He was so sweet and loving and gentle that it almost made me want to photograph them and tell to never ever forget that moment.

It was such a sweet an touching moment for me to witness. I wondered if the boy's mother would remember what her son did or maybe she was so used to him being so attentive. I then wondered if Derick has done something just as loving toward me that I have now forgotten. Surely I would remember such a blip in time. Chances are I've forgotten many a moment. I will always remember this moment between a mother and son, especially the last thing he said to her before I was called into the examination room.

"I got the eye booger, Mom".


She Likes Purple said...

Oh LORD eye boogers gross me out so badly. Mike has to get ALL of Molly's. I refuse.

Raven said...

Ah the fleeting moments of tweenagers being kind to their moms.

Get better soon, hon.

Elena said...

That's fricking great!!

Hope you feel better soon.