Life comes at ya fast.

Hello Internet. It's been so long since I took more then 7 seconds to write anything worthy of reading. Not that this rambling mess will be very worthy. But anyways.

A few life changes have occurred in the last month or so that I thought I'd update the 4 of you who read this. Which really means you already know this, but I'm gonna take liberties here and write about them anyway.

First and foremost, Jackson is walking. Holy crap. His nickname is Bobee and my brother, Thomas, calls him FrankenBobee because he walks much like Frankenstein. While on crack. And with an equilibrium issue. And it's so cute. Thank goodness for padded diaper butts otherwise he might have massive ass injuries from all the falling down. He attempts to run on occasion but his poor legs just can't keep up with his upper half and he inevitably falls on his face. My how they grow.

Second, tax season is over. Can you hear the angel's singing? They are all doing happy dances. It's a lovely lovely thing. I'm back to working part time which is totally awesome. I credit the parental units (aka my bosses) for allowing me to make decent money and work part time. Expect to see me around these parts more often.

The third item on this list is Weight Watchers. I've lost a total of 30 pounds. I have about 10 to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and about 15 to get to my ideal weight. I've been slacking some in the last few weeks, but I've maintained my weight loss for the most part. It's nice to see that people notice that I'm not quite the fatty I was. And my skinny jeans almost button. Not quite, but the snickering when I try them on is lessening. Take that skinny jeans.

And lastly, well, this one sucks. Kristie is single. Again. For the 7ooth time in her lifetime. But this time she has 2 children instead of 1. To respect Eric I won't go into many details. We are amicable and he still sees Jackson and takes care of him when I need him to, for the most part. I'm not exceptionally sad because I saw it coming. I am disappointed. I'm disappointed that having a family isn't more important than beer, friends and other juvenile activities. I intend to be the best parent I can be and make the most of it. It sucks, but it's the story of my life and I'm so getting used to the script by now.

Just so I don't end this on a sour note...here's a new tattoo I got 2 weeks ago. It's healing still so it doesn't look the greatest. But I just love love love it. And it can easily be covered with a watch if I need to cover it up. Behold:

There ya have it. It's nice to be back. I'll be visiting your blogs very soon. I know you've missed me. ;-)


She Likes Purple said...

We have missed you! And I just love the tattoo (again). I wanted one there for a long time. I think I've settled on getting another one on my other foot when the time comes for it (when we have kiddo).

Elena said...

Aww! Your little tattoo is so CUTE! I'm so glad tax season is finally over and you can get back to your real life now. YAY!!

The whole single again thing is kind of a bummer, especially since I've been meaning to suggest that you and Eric need to take another trip to St. Louis some weekend so Todd and I can come down and we can all hang out on the landing and go to City Museum and stuff. Ah, well. Eric's loss. I'm sure you'll find somebody who is perfect for you when you're least expecting it. And hey, at least you got Jackson out of the deal, right?


Le Petit Chic said...

So sorry to hear the news about you and Eric. I can't even imagine how tough this last month has been for you. But congrats to you on getting through tax season and also on your major weight loss to date! Glad you'll be on here more often :)

PamperedBunz said...

I'm glad you'll be back with us more often, and I'm sorry about you and Eric. The tat looks GREAT! And you know what? You're my hero! With only 15 lbs to go till your goal weight...I think we need pics or something. :)

Raven said...

I'm so glad to have you back, but sorry about the other bit. As Elena said, his loss.


I love the new hair by the way.

Anonymous said...

YIPEEEE! You're back! We did miss you-all 4000 of us!
I am sorry about you and Eric. :(
Love the tatoo! I've been wanting a 2nd one for quite awhile.....
i'm so happy for you and your skinny jeans...and oh-so-jealous!

kristabella said...

Welcome back!

I'm so sorry to hear about you and Eric. Hang in there sweetie! Hugs to you!

Love the tattoo! And Yay for doing so awesome on WW!

Michelle & the City said...

glad to see you're back, but i'm sorry about the news. men suck sometimes, i've yet to figure out exactly why.

love the tattoo though. hope things start looking up in your world soon!

SLynnRo said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your relationship. I can just tell, however, from the way you say this that you are handling it well.

That tattoo had to have killed when you were getting it. The wrist? OUCH!