It's (almost) my birthday! It's Thursday! You are on notice.

For me, as I've gotten older, I don't really get very many things on my wish list (bummer!) but sometimes I'm surprised with a gift I've wanted. Other times I'm surprised with something I never knew I needed. I mostly make my wish list of stuff in the hopes that someone will feel it necessary to make me happy but also so I can bookmark the things I find that I love.
Here are a few of those things:

I love the sparkly nature of this ring ($75) and also how industrial it is. It's like a shiny crystal ball that's been in a factory for years and now it wants to be worn on my finger. I know, that makes no sense but when do accessories have to make sense? They just have to be something that makes you happy.

I'm not a beige person and doubt I ever will be. The color of this chair ($69.95) and the bright, colorful cushion makes me happy and that's what it's all about right? I honestly have no earthly idea where I'd put this if I did get it. If I had a covered porch (want!) then it would be an awesome addition. Or even a cute chair to sit and apply makeup.

I'm no Julia Child or Rachel Ray or whoever but I love LOVE LOVE cooking and chopping and measuring and just generally being in the kitchen. This is the quintessential cutting board ($57.95) for a serious cook. I don't quite fall into that category but I'd love to pretend and have fun chopping while I do it.

When I went to BlogHer last year there happened to be a Lush store across from the hotel room and the first day I was there I picked up one of these CoalFace Cleanser bars ($10.95) and fell in love. It made my face feel clean and ready to take on the day despite the black color of the bar. Even better, the bar is vegan! Bonus!

I think the idea of this "diamond" ring ($260) is brilliant. It's in the iconic shape and you get what the idea is without the price tag. Or the man to buy it.

I'm clearly not easy to pigeon-hole. I want a sterling silver "diamond" ring and a composter ($189.99). Growing my own garden and cooking a lot at home means I have a lot of organic waste that I could be using instead of filling up the landfills with. Here's my solution!

Anthrolopogie is the best store on the face of the earth and yet I rarely go there because I know I'll spend $500 in mere minutes on the adorable clothes, accessories and interesting books. Let's not even talk about the housewares stuff. Gift cards ($1,000,000,000.00) are the way to go with this store.


She Likes Purple said...

Is there anything on your wish list that is just a tad cheaper ;)

Is your Amazon wish list or whatever I bought off of last year still up and running?

MommaMo said...

Hooray for WishPot! Happy early birthday!

La Petite Chic said...

What a great range of wonderful things! I love that first ring and as a cooking nerd, the awesome cutting board.

Abbie said...

I love the composter and the Anthropologie gift card choice.

But...you already know what I'm giving you. Hope to get it in the mail tomorrow, but most likely Friday.

Happy early birthday!

Jess said...

This is a great list! We want a composter too. They did have one available online at Costco for $150. I'm not sure if it's there anymore.

TUWABVB said...

I'm curious about the cutting board - I love wooden cutting boards, but got so paranoid over contamination - I actually bought a set of plastic ones (which I hate) that are coded for meat, veggies, etc. How do you handle that with wood (I had two large wooden ones in my old house).