Happenings and such

This past Saturday I joined 25 women at a local Olive Garden restaurant to celebrate. The manager asked if we were celebrating anything special and I told him that we were celebrating women. We were celebrating each other.

About a month ago an old friend that I've known since 6th grade contacted me and told me she wanted to host a dinner. It was simple. Bring yourself and a friend, if you wanted to, and get to know other women. The idea was to get away for a few hours, drink some, eat some and build a bond of girlfriends. I had no idea that 25 women would show up. But it was lovely, loud and a total blast.

I met a few new people and chatted with a few people I already knew. And I left the dinner with the excitement of doing this again once a month.

What a great idea! Women talking about children, work, family, hobbies and whatever else happened to come up.

I'm contemplating starting something similar after tax season is over. I think it's an awesome way to get away for a bit and meet new people. Just what a busy working momma needs.

Have you ever participated in a dinner club or anything similar? Details, please!


Thank you all for your sweet comments about this cyst business. I'll be good as new in no time.


In other news, I've lost a grand total of 25.5 pounds as of this past Tuesday. I have about 15 pounds to go till I reach my pre pregnancy weight and about 25 pounds to get to my ultimate goal weight.

I went shopping today and bought new clothes 4 sizes smaller than what I wore when I first started this diet. I was in desperate need of black slacks and a few work appropriate shirts. As a reward for my hard work I also got a few pairs of earrings, 2 new pairs of sunglasses and the most adorable handbag.

I'm super excited to drop one more clothing size because then I can shop in my own closet, for FREE! My clothes are hanging there, patiently waiting for me to put them to use again.

I'm so proud of myself and I fully intend on keeping it up.

Less than 30 days left of tax season aka tax hell. Surgery will knock off a few work days this week, but I'll be back a week from tomorrow at full speed. I only hope my body cooperates with me and my work schedule.


She Likes Purple said...

You've re-inspired me for my own weight loss... honestly, I think I've seen what I could have done if I had stuck to it all those months ago when you started.

Also, that dinner sounds incredible. I'm in, if you need another seat filled.

Elena said...

Congrats, darling! If only I could find some willpower, somewhere in my gluttonous little heart. =)

Best of luck with the surgery, and good luck with your dinner club. Sounds like a neat idea. I, of course, would be hopelessly out of place there, but I think it's a swell idea.

Raven said...


Fantastic honey!!

Diane said...

That sounds like fun!! And CONGRATS on all the weight you've lost! Teach us how? :) YGG!

Anonymous said...

wow! congrats on the weight loss! i wish i could stick to something long enough to lose aboat 10 lbs!
The dinner thing: I tried a couple of time to have a 'Girls' Dinner out' where some of my closest friends would bring friends..it was just so hard to get everyone's schedules to coincide. Other than that, it was fun!

Michelle & the City said...

wow that is a tremendous accomplishment. good for you!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the update! Despite nasty tax season and that unpleasant cyst business, it sounds like you are managing some fun and taking care of yourself. Congrats on the weight loss!