A tutu

Dear Jackson,
Please know that I posted this picture because 1) how cute are you? and 2) it's freaking hilarious. When you are a senior and it's time for me to submit a childhood photo of you for your yearbook I'm using this one. It's the obvious choice, don't you think?


Elizabeth said...

But I've got ask...you have two boys...why do you have a TUTU?!

Daniela said...

This is too-too cute. Amelia is quite smitten.

barbetti said...

LOVE this. How adorable is he?

And I too wonder why you have a tutu?

TUWABVB said...

I love this picture! I had an equally humiliating one posted at my high school graduation - it's every mom's moment (except the not-so-fun moms that only care about appearance).